Multnomah Education Service District

Pooling Professional Expertise for Education

About MESD

  • 2016-17 Adopted Budget

    Multnomah Education Service District is an educational cooperative that provides a wide variety of programs and services on a regional basis to school districts in Multnomah County and beyond.  MESD is one of 19 ESDs in Oregon.  MESD's major areas of service include:

    • School Health Services
    • Special Education
    • Alternative Education
    • Technology
    • Outdoor School
    • School Improvement
    MESD is governed by a seven-member, elected Board of Directors who serve four-year terms.  Five members are elected from zones and two are elected to at-large positions. Directors are not compensated for their services.
    Superintendent & Cabinet
    Sam Breyer is the Superintendent; Jim Rose is the Chief Operating Officer; Kathryn Skimas is the Director of Instructional Services; Todd Greaves is the Director of Special Education; Margo Lalich is the Director of School Health Services; Sean Woodard is the Human Resources Director; Doana Anderson is the Director of Business Services; Don Hicks is the Contracts and Risk Manager; Laura Conroy is the Public Information Officer.
    As of July 2016, MESD employed 436 staff members.  The largest categories of staff are educational assistants and school nurses.  MESD also employs certified teachers, school administrators, occupational/physical/speech therapists, specialists and support staff.
    Component Districts
    By Oregon Statute, MESD's primary customers are the eight public school districts in Multnomah County.  The total enrollment (ADMw) of our components districts is approximately 100,000 students.  Component districts include:
    Centennial        Corbett      David Douglas      Gresham-Barlow  
    Parkrose           Portland     Reynolds               Riverdale
    2016-17 MESD Financial Information
    2016-17 Revenues (see 2016-17 Adopted Budget, provided by Business Services):

    Revenues by Type

    Adopted Budget 2016-17

    Property Taxes


    State School Fund


    Less Transits to Districts


    Net State School Fund


    Local Sources


    State Sources


    Federal Sources




    Subtotal-Revenues by Type


    SSF Revenue passed thru to Districts


    Interfund Revenues for Debt Services


    Interfund Revenues for Workers Comp


    Total Revenues – Budgetary Funds


    2016-17 Expenditures (see 2016-17 Adopted Budget, provided by Business Services):

    Expenditure by Category

    Adopted Budget 2016-17

    Personnel Costs


    Supplies and Services


    Capital Outlay


    Debt Service


    Subtotal – Expenditures by Category


    Transit Payments


    Interfund Payment for Debt Service


    Interfund Payment for Workers Comp


    Total Expenditures – Budgetary Funds