Helensview School

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    8678 NE Sumner Street
    Portland, OR 97220
    Fax: 503.257.1158

    Hola, Bienvenido a Helensview.
    Hello, Welcome to Helensview.

    Dawn Joella Jackson My name is Dawn Joella Jackson and I have the honor of being the principal at Helensview School.  At the core of Helensview are relationships.  We form relationships with students and facilitate students building relationships with the community.  

    We are an accredited middle school/ high school that offers multiple pathways to graduation for students grades 6-12.   Our students graduate with a regular diploma and have the opportunity to work with a coach each week to assist with post-secondary options (college or trade schools).

    We have a diverse staff that reflects our student body. This is by design, because we believe it is powerful for students to see themselves reflected in their school. We believe that all students should be safe to celebrate who they are and are welcome students of all races, genders, sexual identities, national groups and ethnicities.

    Our mission is to:
    • Provide culturally competent educational and support services that:
    • Empower students to engage in their own learning.
    • Support students to graduate from high school.
    • Encourage students to transition to post-secondary school, traning or a career.
    We accomplish these goals through offering:
    • Integrated community-based units built around common core standards
    • Student voice in themes and direction of the classes
    • Credit Recovery Options
    • Hands-On programing
    • Career related job training and student run businesses.
    We are able to extend our instruction with students through a partnership with the STARS Mentorship program.  STARS works with our young women and men in concentrated mentorship from 3:00-10:00.