Professional Learning Communities

  • Our goal is to support MESD elementary and secondary schools in the successful implementation of Professional Learning Communities in order to promote higher level learning for all students.


    A Professional Learning Community focuses on learning rather than teaching, works collaboratively, and holds itself accountable for results. Many schools get off to a good start but are challenged and become discouraged by the obstacles in their path to improving student achievement. Our intent in supporting school teams is to support their work in alignment of their school practices to promote higher levels of learning for their students through a collaborative process.

    Training Modules Include:
    • What is a PLC?
    • PLC Foundation
    • Current Reality vs. Ideal School Survey
    • Leadership Teams
    • Teams vs. Groups Team
    • Protocols Examples of Team Protocols
    • Current Reality vs. Ideal School
    • Leadership Teams
    • Leadership Team Activity - What is the purpose of leadership teams?
    • How do we identify leadership team members?
    • PLC Continuum
    • Action Planning
    • Data Analysis
    • Monitoring for Results

    Questions: Judy Custy, 503 257 1635