Common Formative Assessments

  • Common Formative Assessments are periodic or interim assessments, developed by grade-level or course teams of teachers, and administered to all students in a grade level or course several times during the quarter, semester, trimester, or entire school year.

    Designed as matching pre and post-assessments to ensure same-assessment to same-assessment comparisons, they are often similar in design and format to district and state assessments. The goal is to monitor student progress in learning what is being taught and to foster changes in instruction to address student needs.

    Common formative assessment items are intentionally aligned to the state and district essential (power/priority) standards and reflect a blend of item types, including selected-response (multiple choice, true/false, matching) and constructed-response (short- or extended).

    The common formative assessment process aligns well with Data Team work in analyzing student assessments and planning for differentiate instruction and tier 2 and tier 3 interventions.

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