Data Teams for Teachers

  • This one-day seminar is designed for classroom teachers who will serve as data team leaders and data team members. In addition to the teacher-leaders, this seminar includes principals because they serve as the key support person for data team leaders. The data-driven decision making process comes alive and is systematically sustained through the simple but powerful formation of data teams.

    In order for the data process to work and be sustained, data team meetings must be scheduled so that they take place on a regular basis and the team meetings must be structured. Facilitators of the team meetings must be classroom teachers who create the agenda, monitor time, listen, and help move the team through the data process as it relates to their grade level and individual as well as group academic needs.

    This seminar is key for success in applying the data process. Principals will understand the importance of meeting with the data team leaders once a month to collect student achievement data and to address concerns or issues the data team leaders bring to the meeting. They will also learn how to monitor continuous improvement related to year-long goals by the incremental, monthly goals established by each data team.

    What are the learning objectives of this seminar?

    During this interactive seminar, participants will:

    • Learn what constitutes a data team
    • Formulate how to find time for data team meetings during contract hours
    • Understand the key role data team leaders play, as well as their responsibilities
    • Understand how to select data team leaders
    • Outline steps in the collaborative data team process
    • Set up the first step in data team process
    • Study the structure a data team meeting must follow
    • Practice facilitation skills

    The Northwest Regional ESD has posted on their web site numerous resources for Data Teams and Principals. These resources were created by the Leadership and Learning Center and are used with their permission.

    Questions: Judy Custy, 503 257 1635