Using Data for Instructional Improvement

  • Data Driven Instructional Improvement

    In Data Driven Decision Making training participants gain an understanding of one of the primary tools for making sustained and continuous progress towards improving student achievement. When this training is completed, teachers and administrators are able to answer the following questions. How is your school or district doing as a learning institution?

    • What evidence do you have that all students are learning?
    • In what ways do you collect and use data to make decisions?
    • What do you expect students to know and be able to do by the end of each year?
    • Do you know why you are getting the student results you currently have?
    • What are the Antecedents of Excellence?
    • How are data teams formed and their purpose?

    School teams are trained in a six-step process that provides a foundation to support the analysis of data. This process builds upon the research that improvement becomes a continuous process that is a part of a school's culture and not an event that has little impact on the realities of the district or school. That six-step process is:

    • Collecting Data - A Treasure Hunt: Successes and Challenges
    • Needs Analysis - Making Meaning of the Data
    • Prioritizing Needs - Winnowing the Data
    • Setting SMART Goals
    • Identifying Instructional and Leadership Strategies
    • Describing desired results - for student and adults

    What are the Benefits of this Seminar?

    You will learn:

    • What the data team process is and how this system will enhance data-driven decision making at the school and classroom level
    • How this process relates to student achievement goals
    • What assessments data teams will create to gather immediate student achievement information related to areas of urgency

    Questions: Judy Custy, 503 257 1635