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Employee Wellness Program

A New Wellness Opportunity for MESD Employees!

We are launching our MESD Employee Sports Team project and want to know what team sports you love to play.  Is it basketball, softball, soccer, bowling or……?  Are you playing on a team with other MESD employees already, or would you like to?  

Through our OEA Choice Trust grant, funds are available to help support MESD teams.  If  you are interested in creating or joining a MESD team, contact  In your email include: 1) what team sport you love to play, 2) if you are currently playing on a team with MESD employees, 3) if not, would you be interested in creating or joining a team, and 4) where you work.  Your Employee Wellness coordinators will be team matchmakers and explore with you how to launch a MESD team.  

We are starting Basketball teams right away!   MESD employees Jacob Lang and Jared Ramsey  introduced us to, which is an amazing organization that schedules games seven days a week.  Men, women and coed teams are paired up based on skill level.  Games are played around the Metro region on  a specific weekday and time slots.   Check out the website. We can help organize MESD teams, select what day to play (there are many options), and register for a 7 week series.  

Perhaps you have participated in similar organized leagues for other team sports.  If so,  share your favorite leagues name and website. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

Go MESD Teams!!!

MESD Plank Challenge 2017
Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, we will have a 28-day Plank Challenge. You do it on your own, at home or during a break. You choose what form of Plank you want to do. (Straight arms, on forearms, on knees, straight legs) and start with 20 seconds, and reaching 240 seconds at the end. Yes, it can be done! The key to success is doing it daily and adding in a little more time each day. An all-MESD email will invite you to a Google Docs form online to track your plank each day.
Why are we doing this? Partly, because misery loves company. Mostly, because Plank is a great way to build core strength, which supports all kinds of movement and activity. Are there prizes? No, except for bragging rights and stronger muscles. You can wait until January 4, but if you want to get a head start, check out this link for information about form and modifications  Participation is voluntary and for your own enjoyment and wellbeing.

Sleep Tech: Apps that monitor and
Improve your Sleep (click the image for the full story)

 Ovid Boyd
It Works for Me!
MESD's Ovid Boyd on Cycling in Oregon
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Wellness Ideas
We welcome your suggestions.  If you have an idea you can submit it here!