Multnomah Education Service District

Pooling Professional Expertise for Education

District Cost Pool / Employee File Fields

This is a table of the required employee information needed from each district in order to conduct the survey correctly and completely. The file should be a tab separated list with one employee per line of the file. Any questions can be sent to Wendy Chase (503) 257-1775.

Any problems or concerns please contact the ESD.

Field: Description:
ID* The employee's unique district ID (sometimes, social security number).
FIRSTNAME The Employee's first name (optional - name can be last, first as one field)
LASTNAME The Employee's last name
LOCATION The location at which the employee works
JOBTITLE A description of what the employee does
SALARY The current quarter's total of salary for the employee (not an estimate).
BENEFITS The current quarter's total of benefits the employee will recieve (not an estimate)
HOURS %FTE - (if unavailable then hours per day or hours per week)
EMAIL Employee's email address (optional)

The employee's email address is an optional field, it is not required for the program. However, in the future more functionality could be put in the system if these are available. 

*The ID must remain the same each quarter for the same employee. If you plan to change the ID after you have sent information, we will need both the old id and the new id in order to make the conversion.

School District Specific Guidelines

Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter

NOTE: Any salary or benefits accrued through June, paid in June-August, can be included in the Spring cost pool. Example - you have a teacher that works 10 months and gets paid in 12 month checks, the checks received in June, July, August would all be a part of the Spring Cost Pool if it is all accrued before July. 

County Health Department Specific Guidelines

Fall Quarter
Winter Quarter
Spring Quarter
Summer Quarter