Reconnecting Youth

An Initiative led by Multnomah Education Service District & Our Community Partners

Reconnecting Youth locations:

"Connected by 25" reports that thousands of Portland area youth are disconnected - not in school and not employed. Reconnecting Youth is all about reaching these young people, helping them reconnect with a wide range of available options, regardless of the school district in which they live.

GOALS: Every student will...
  • Be SUPPORTED inside and outside of school
  • BE PROVIDED with educational options
  • SUCCEED academically
  • PREPARE for and enter the next transition


A New Approach: Multnomah Education Service District, school districts in Multnomah County have formed a partnership to build a coordinated and collaborative system of Reconnecting Youth Centers (RYC). The RYCs will provide immediate educational reengagement for out-of-school youth.


The centers use consistent data-driven analysis of student strengths and challenges based on academic, career interest and social assessment. Center-based teams strengthen the quality of decisions made to improve student achievement in literacy and mathematics, and in life-skills and problem solving that will result in a high school diploma, GED attainment and transition to post secondary education.


Best-Fit Programs: Through an Inter-District Memorandum of Understanding, school district boundary-based barriers which prevent out-of-school youth from re-engaging with education are eliminated. This partnership will open new options for our youth through placement in “best-fit” programs anywhere in Multnomah County.


A New Vision: This new initiative is built on the premise that by immediately reconnecting out-of-school and disconnected youth with appropriate educational options and support, they can become productive citizens contributing to their communities.


An Innovative Strategy: The core strategy will develop four Reconnection Centers in Multnomah County to re-engage disconnected youth with immediate educational opportunities. We know from experience that if students are not engaged immediately upon request, they remain discouraged and will disengage for even longer periods of time. The Reconnection Centers provide students with academic assessments, credit evaluation, credit recovery, and identification and support for a “best-fit” education placement.


We will also work with school districts and educational partners to build a countywide outreach strategy to connect with the thousands of youth under age 21 who left school without completing their educational goals.


For more information, please contact Kelvin Webster, director of Instructional Services at 503-257-1696 or send him an email.