Types of Meetings

The regular business meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public. The meetings are usually held at 7:00 p.m. every third Tuesday of the month in the Board Room of the Ainsworth Building located at 11611 N.E. Ainsworth Circle in Portland, Oregon. Occasionally a regular meeting date or time is changed, or a special meeting is called, but in all cases notice of Board meetings are given. In an emergency where immediate action is required, the Board may call an emergency meeting on less than 24 hours' notice.

Order of Business

Board meetings are conducted using BoardBook with the agenda, Superintendent's Report to the Board, and all discussion matters showing on a large screen. Board meetings begin with roll call by the Board Secretary followed by recognition of any students, staff or community members in attendance. Next is Boundary Board and Local Contract Review Board business, if any, followed by an opportunity for public comment, presentations and regular reports. Guided by the agenda, the Board then discusses and acts on items related to operation of the District.

In accordance with the Oregon Public Meetings Law, the Board has the authority to meet in a closed session to discuss matters related to:

ORS 192.660(2)(a) -- Consideration of Employment of Public Officer
ORS 192.660(2)(b) -- Dismissal or Discipline of Employee
ORS 192.660(2)(d) -- Labor Negotiations
ORS 192.660(2)(e) -- Negotiation of Real Property Transactions
ORS 192.660(2)(f) -- Consider Records Exempt From Public Inspection
ORS 192.660(2)(h) -- Consult with Counsel on Current or Litigation Likely to be Filed
ORS 192.660(2)(i) -- Review/Evaluation of Performance of Chief Executive Officer
No final action is taken in executive session.

Addressing the Board

An opportunity for public comment is normally designated on the agenda allowing individuals to address the Board. However, anyone wishing to do so must sign a form before the meeting begins. The sign-in forms are located at the entrance to the Board Room. The completed form shall be submitted to the Board Secretary who will make a note in the record and deliver the request to the Board Chair. The Chair will then call those wishing to speak to the table. Statements by members of the public should be brief and concise. The Chair has the discretion to establish a time limit on discussion or oral presentation by a member of the public on any topic.


For more information about the Board or Multnomah Education Service District please contact the Public Information Office by calling (503) 257-1515 or the Board Secretary at (503) 257-1504. If you would like, you can contact the Board Secretary via e-mail.