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For More Information Contact Leslie D. Nelson, executive assistant to the superintendent and chief operating officer, Board secretary .

Administration - Meet the Staff


The mission of MESD is to support our local school districts and share in providing a quality education for the children and families of our communities.


We work as a team dedicated to enhancing the learning of the communities' children by designing and delivering services responsive to family and component district needs. We strive to demonstrate leadership, wise utilization of resources, cooperative relationships with component districts and other agencies and a commitment to being a learning organization.


We base our mission and vision on the premise that:

    Children are our most important natural resource;

    Families should be supported in education of their children;

    Each student should reach proficiency on challenging academic standards and assessments;

    A quality staff is essential in carrying out the mission of MESD;

    Supportive working relationships that value diversity and effective communication within MESD are vital to achieving our mission;

    Community partnerships maximize resources;

    Adequate and stable financial resources are required for a quality education;

    Internal and external relationships strengthen services to children;

    Delivering effective services to schools is a process of continuous improvement;

    A strong system of public education is essential to the future of our society.


Meet the Staff

Barbara Jorgensen

Jim Rose
Chief Operating Officer

Leslie D. Nelson
Executive Assistant
to the Superintendent, Chief Operating Officer
and Board Secretary






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